Garth, please explain Geek Logik to me...

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Wouldn't it be great if there were clear-cut answers to all of life's tricky questions? Now there are!

Based on the bestselling book by Garth Sundem, Geek Logik harnesses the awesome powers of math and humor to open a massive can of whoopass on uncertainty. Simply set sliders to answer humorous questions and Geek Logik runs the numbers and kicks out an answer. Voila—now even a geek can perform at or above social norms!

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Do you have a snowballs’ chance in hell...?

As seen on Good Morning America, CNN, the BBC, and mentioned in Wired, Men's Health, Publisher's Weekly, Seed, and Sky & Telescope.

"Geek Logik is a Scream!"—Mark Steines 

"Wickedly ingenious!"—John Tierney, NY Times

"Geek Logik is a hoot!"—Will Shortz, Puzzlemaster

You Have Questions...Geek Logik has the answers!

Geek Logik, really is  a one-of-a-kind iPhone app . . . please tell your friends and rate it on iTunes ;-)

Garth Solves Your Holiday Gift Budget

BBC Horizons, start at 2:48 for Garth

Should you call in sick?

Should you wake up 5 minutes early?

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